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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I forgot to photograph the cake til this morning. And the super-tasty one I made later has gone. But the very tasty one that my boyfriend made is left and I've photographed that for you instead.

Mine was a vanilla victoria sponge with vanilla creamy icing filling and chocolate fudge icing all round the top and sides, decorated with white chocolate chips and chocolate vermicelli. Mmmmm.

I tried to get my pals to vote on which cake they preferred but they just refused to say that mine was better. I'm taking this verdict from the 'pie chart test'. (approximation of cake quantities eaten half-way through party). Cake 1 is mine.

We had fun. I am feeling really full... and thirsty (can't think why I'd have that symptom this morning!).


Julie said...

Was TC imbibing a little bit last night? I'm glad you had a good time!

Wonderful looking CAKE and the one your described sounds even more wonderful!

Travis said...

Mmmmmmmmm...CAKE! I can never pick a favorite CAKE either.

Unless of course it's Boston Creme CAKE! The ones you described sound wonderful.

Mrs Successful said...

At a wedding yesterday I left a piece of wedding cake - the bit with the icing and marzipan which I love. I left it because I'm dieting and it's the worst decision I made this weekend. I can still visualise it sitting on the plate looking so forsaken - the memory will haunt me!
Love your new(ish) avatar. xx