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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Road Rage

road rage

I had a minor incident this week with road rage. A brush with an angry taxi driver.

I was driving along in the right hand lane (the fast lane) after traffic lights accelerating away.

A taxi in the left lane indicated out, but I was already passing it so I assumed he'd wait til I'd passed and pull in behind me. Instead he tried to force his way out.

As I already have a dent in the passenger side of the car (after a pensioner with one arm and one leg crashed into me) I decided to ignore him, so he had to pull sharply back into his lane to avoid running into the side of my car.

He beeped his horn a lot and flashed his lights at me.

So I stuck my middle finger up in the rear window as I drove away.

However I was stopped soon after at red lights, and he pulled in behind me. He honked his horn angrily over and over and over again. I refused to turn round and he just kept beeping. I kept a keen ear out for the sound of a car door, as I was half expecting him to jump out to have a go. I had my hand on the locks just in case!

As we pulled away at the lights he was turning right and passed me. As he did so he gestured the knob sign through his window. As if I were the w_nker!

Do you think if I'd refrained from swearing at him he'd have been as mad?


CountryDew said...

You just never know what sets people off. Glad it didn't turn into something more.

Travis said...

He messed up and fussed at you about it? Wanker indeed.

Mrs Successful said...

Some drivers 'assume' too much TC. I'm very bad at letting anyone out or in unless it suits me. I remember in the highway code it used to say (don't know if it still does) that when manouvering your can you should not cause another driver to slow down, brake, or change direction and that's the basis I still work on.

I have a theory that if I'm on a main road, and a driver reaches a junction after me, then I won't let him/her out before me - especially if we're in a queue. I don't see why others behind mem who have waited, have to remain waiting longer than necessary.

I don't let queue jumpers on motorways in before me; you know the kind that run along the outside then jump in at the last minute. However, when there is a merge on a motorway I'm happy to merge one in at a time (as long as they haven't jumped the queue).

I can't stand ignorant drivers and have been tooted so many times I think I've gained owl status.

I think you were quite correct,and it's good that you didn't feel intimidated.

Having said all that, driving is a dangerous game nowadays and you never know what some nutters are going to do, so make sure you don't put yourself in danger next time. Just for the record, it's a pity you didn't get his licence plate or you could've posted it on your blog - dangerous games right enough eh?