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Monday, June 30, 2008

So far this birthday sucks.

We hung around this morning because my boyfriend thought we should wait for the postman. However I have had messages from my brother, sister, boyfriends sister and my mother (who has stuff from an aunt) ALL of whom haven't actually posted anything yet. The postman hasn't been and it's 12.30. I gave up and went to the bank. Wish now that I hadn't.

I went to withdraw camp money from the brownie account, only to discover that the form the bank in the city centre gave me last week is not sufficient unless the signatory is present with ID. Which they won't be as they are now in France on Guide camp. I have signed completed forms to add me as a signatory, but the bank now tell me this takes 2 weeks. Not something they chose to mention two weeks ago when I asked about it!

I leave for Brownie camp on Friday. Without the money?? I need to fix this one fast!

Update: I did get mail from my parents..... to clear up any confusion. It arrived after I posted this - they did not forget.


The Guider said...

Happy birthday my dear - you're off to Brownie camp this weekend too???

Bond said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I did not know...Now I do....


Akelamalu said...

Oh you didn't get birthday cards?

Banks can be so unhelpful sometimes!

TopChamp said...

Guider- I am off on Friday. Fingers crossed everything else goes smoothly x

AK - Thank you. I hate banks!

Bond - much appreciated x

Travis said...

Happy Birthday!!

CountryDew said...

Happy Birthday!