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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sodding Accounts

Because I am shit at this... and because I haven't got time to chase everything up.... This year by failing to get the census money in effectively we have spent all the money that was in the bank last year on this year's census.

So we're left with what we made this year....... and that has to go on camp unless I ask the leaders to pay (one's a student and the other's me. Both are skint). I am a little concerned.


The Guider said...

This year as in until December or as in until end of June. End of June, not a problem. End of December, you can still make it work, you'll have subs come in at the end of August.

Check out all the low cost meeting ideas on guiders and guiding_uk - get in touch with me if you need some ideas.

You can sort it, but you need to work out what went wrong since you won't have a balance to take to census next year.



TopChamp said...

Our accounting is from April - April. We'll be fine - I'm just whinging really.

F'cking HATE doing the ars'ng accounts.

And I haven't finished. 1/2 hr til gig so not doing it now!

Monique said...

Oops! I hop that you are ok. Doesn't sound good. Maybe episode 15 of MD might cheer you up a little.

Travis said...

You'll manage. Maybe you can do some kind of fund raiser.