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Friday, January 12, 2007

4.30 AM!

It's half four in the morning and the alarm across the road has been going off for about half an hour. We are in the middle of a VERY windy night so my guess is it's blown something open over there. I have been neighbourly and checked the road in case they were being broken into but there is NO sign of anything - no cars and no people.

So now I'm just holding my head thinking 'please shut up so I can get some sleep'! I have a really really sore throat at the moment and am prone to throat infections so need to give my immune system a chance to kick in.


Annelisa said...

Oh, you poor thing - I hate it when that happens... we have a neighbour two doors up, whos alarm goes off on a regular basis...and their dogs go mad... It's a nightmare when you're trying to sleep! So, I have every sympathy!

((((Big hugs))))

hope you feel better later when you wake up.

CJB said...

Sounds painful. When C was away at somepoint over the summer the alarm in one of the houses across our road went off all night every 20 minutes.

It stopped completely during daylight hours, but when it kicked off again the next evening at around 9pm half the street was out trying to work out what to do. There never has been a more community spirited time around here (honest!)

Needless to say it was yours truly who solved the problem :D Some single bloke had gone away and left a window open in the heat. So, using a neighbour's ladder and my/ our brush it was pushed shut. Problem solved- bet the bloke responsible never knew what trouble he'd caused!

Oh, and I didn't get much sleep last night either. :(

Gattina said...

These alarms are terrible and you can't even go over and look what happens or you could risk your life. It happens once in our street and after half an hour and nothing happening on the street, I called the police and while I were on the phone it stopped, lol !
We had yesterday quite a storm ! 120 km/h ! Some roofs were blown away.Hope you will feel better !

Dixiechick said...

Hope you get some sleep soon. I hate it when the wind is blowing so strong that you can hear it in the house. Stay safe.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Bond said...

Arg that is so frustrating. Hope you are feeling better

Lizza said...

It's terrible when your sleep keeps getting interrupted.

I hope you feel better soon and that your sore throat doesn't get any worse.