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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Take a deep breath

Given that I had hoped to use this as a diary that I would be able to look back on I probably ought to get on with diarising (is that a word? Blogger thinks not).

Since New Year:

Tuesday morning I got into my car to drive round to my boyfriend's mum and dad's to pick him up so we could go home. We were also giving my friend who had come down for New Year a lift back to Glasgow.

The car chugged and clicked and stalled. So I tried again and it chugged and clicked and stalled. From past experience we have been told that flooring the accelerator can fix this so I did that. And the car chugged and clicked and stalled.

This happened last year and I tried to drive the car, only to have it grind to a halt in the centre of town on a zigzag no parking line. In the hour that it took the RAC to come three sets of police tried to move me on. Three times I explained that if they wanted me to move they'd have to push me.

I was not prepared to try this again... Solution? I phoned my boyfriend and made him drive the car instead! He headed straight for the bypass and drove quite fast. He found that the car was happy at high speeds but the engine warning light was on. A quick trip to the garage to confirm it was ok to drive so far with the light on (which it was) and we could finally head off.

I've already blogged about Wednesday.

Thursday I went to my office job. I'd had nearly 2 weeks off (3 days but I only work 2 days there a week) and came back to HUNDREDS of e-mails, a trayfull of work and lots of sicknesses and absence. So it was busy. I didn't get to the intray work as there was enough normal stuff to do catching up on e-mail and processing all the repurchases etc.

Friday I was in VERY early as I had to do my intray (I'm not in again til next Thursday). There was a LOT in there that my colleague had left me to do as she has quit. She heads off to Oz fairly shortly which sounds exciting. However working out what I was to do with random documents in a big pile took me AGES. Topped with the fact that it was a busy day riddled with problems I wasn't a happy bunny. Still - did it all and don' t have to go back for nearly a week.

When I got home I found an answerphone message from my boss for weekend teaching. I called back and have been offered 4-6 weeks of cover brass teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays. The benefits of this rather than overtime at my office job are that the pay is better and the hours are better. So I jumped at the chance!

So financially I think I'm ok now until March. It's weird I suppose not to be able to predict what your income will be from month to month, but I love this way of living.

Finally - some pictures.

Christmas Dinner: There were only two of us! The glass is my Bucks Fizz which I hadn't finished so wasn't pissed despite what my coaster says. This was the second time I've cooked for Christmas so we wanted to record it. Wasted too much food here though, sorry.

New boot/shoes which veer towards tarty (they're higher than they look in the photo) & new boots.


Travis said...

Looks like plenty of food for 2!

And if you're happy with what you do, then ultimately the way you make your living is fantastic!

Daniel Thompson said...

Thank you for visiting my early music blog. It sounds like the other blog you mentioned was The Profile Directory of Bloggers. Did you want to be listed? I went ahead and added your profile, please let me know if that wasn't your intention.

I enjoyed the sound clip on your profile.

My Marrakech said...

I LOVE high boots. They make me feel so feminine. My friend George took some photos of me last night before I went out, and I looked, eek, so fat. And I am not fat, really at all. Rather slim in fact. Depressing. Okay, will stop this unrelated rant...

Most of all-so happy you got that 4-6 weeks of work. Most excellent.

Diana said...

I love the boots! The ones on the left look very similar to mine from Nine West. I love them but sometimes they get uncomfortable. Look into those gel shoes.

BTW, that's alot of food for two people!


Annelisa said...

:-D Sounded like my kind of car... mine always collapse inwardly upon themselves once sat in by me... my latest being no exception (the last was sold to a guy who was doing stock car racing!)

Brilliant you were offered some more work - how come it's limited time though? Sounds like it'd be good to have that sort of offer a little bit more permenent!

Still, good to see you back squeezing ketchup into the blogosphere and munching your way through the bytes... missed you when you were away! :-)