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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big Posting Day

Today I went to the shops to buy food after work. There's nothing much to eat here but pasta and as you can see I've failed miserably with that today.

I wasn't up for the big Morrisons supermarket as I loathe it when it's empty, let alone when it's packed on a Sunday afternoon! I instead headed for a local set of shops where there is a Somerfield. As I was driving up I was thinking to myself 'what a snob my boyfriend is for turning his nose up at this shop. It'll be perfectly ok to buy a bit of meat and a few vegetables and bread'.

I parked the car, and was walking to the entrance when I heard a woman say 'he's got a blade!'. I looked up and saw that indeed the man in front of me was wielding a 6 inch knife.

I turned round swiftly and returned to my car. Morrisons it is from now on!


Travis said...

Oh my!

My Marrakech said...

Holy cow! You have got to go and find out what happened and post!

Last Minute Lyn said...

I am afraid of shopping on the weekend too, but my fears are more mundane.
No One has ever wielded a knife at me but I have been threatened by a undisciplined child and a soup can.

St Jude said...

I get this sort of thing on a regular basis at work, I work with the 'morally challenged', however if I came across it shopping it would have the same effect on me too ;0)

Annelisa said...

Jeez, didn't expect that! Bet that shook you up! As long as you're alright though...

I wonder what happened after you left... hopefully nothing! (maybe you'll listen to your boyfriend next time... not! :-) )

Bond said...

So glad you were able to get back to the door.

How scary...did you ever hear what happened?

The German Girl said...

Oh yikes, that's scary. Glad everything is alright. I'd like to know what happened... but then I don't. ;)

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