one step at a time.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(no great surprise that they say I owe them money....)


Mother of Invention said...

What a fabulous music clip I just heard! I'm assuming that was you on the trumpet! How wonderful! I used to play trombone. You have amazing talent and must have an interesting life going to various places for gigs.

Thanks for listening to my song and watching Annelisa's video. I left you a detailed comment at her site! All the best!

Travis said...


Uhm...that was for finishing your return, not that you owe $$$.

Well that must be a load off your mind. Now you can move for another year!!

My Marrakech said...

What an absolute relief! Now go have a drinky:-)

burekaboy — said...

uggh...ours are coming up soon. :(

Annelisa said...

phew! You got a year before the next one - thank goodness... you deserve a good night out now! :-)