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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Curry story

The takeaway episode: (continuation from last night's post which I actually posted technically in the early hours of today)

At about half 7 my friends were all at my house so we started to decide on food. By quarter past eight we'd managed to make decisions and get a list of stuff (7 people) so phoned through the order for delivery. They told us it would be about 45 minutes.

1 hour later we phoned back. They said that a lot of people had just come into the shop so it would be another 20 minutes. This didn't go down well with the starving masses.

Half an hour later the food had not arrived, but they assured us that the delivery person was on the way, and they had included some freebies for us.

The food arrived around 10 minutes after this call - we unpacked: 3 starters to share (all the same one...), 4 naan breads, 4 rices, some free popadoms and onions, 6 curries.....

6 curries? One missing. So we phoned them back again. They did not apologise and said that they would send the last curry round in 10 minutes.

Under some circumstances we may even not have argued - but the friend who had no curry is pregnant and was unable to share with any of us! I had prawns, her husband had really spicy, one person had tandoori... etc.

By this time I had decided that we would not be using them again as I was finding this quite embarassing. Whilst I'm sure everyone will know it's not actually my fault, they will also remember the night as the one where the curries took 2 hours to arrive!

When the remaining curry came the delivery man told us that he had been asked to say we were getting this curry for free. We had already calculated the bill and paid over a pound more than estimated so knew this was rubbish.

We argued a little but it wasn't a message from the delivery man. So my friend phoned the restaurant again. By this time we were on our fourth phone call!

The restaurant said that this happens all the time - people trying to get a free curry. We were very angry and my friend explained to the restaurant that this was not the case in this situation.

Eventually he got an apology. And the food was great with the exception of the late curry (which I suspect they threw together in a hurry using a korma sauce they had with a few raisins chucked in, as they were certain we hadn't paid for it & were trying it on).

Altogether I'm still a bit annoyed about the whole episode. So if you're in Glasgow - avoid them if you want good service. Head for Papa Gills if you're in no hurry as you're not overly hungry but want a tasty curry.

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Annelisa said...

That's appalling! Bloody hell, as if it wasn't bad enough making you wait all that time - the rats! But, then to doubt you, when they should have given you a free meal anyway for the inconvenience (and so they don't lose customers - silly buggers!)!!! How stupid were they!

Unfortunately, I couldn't avoid them if I came to Glasgow... you didn't say who they were!! :-)