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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold Update

I'm not sure whether it is getting better or not. This morning it is very difficult to swallow drinks or food... trying to eat porridge as I won't get through a morning of french horn teaching if my tummy is rumbling!

I was ill before Christmas - think it was a chest infection as I had a horrible cough that lasted... well is still not quite away. As I was home over New Year Mum and Dad came up with a herbal cold-blasting remedy and sent me back to Glasgow with 'Echinaboost' which are echinacea in tablets you chew that taste great - sort of licorice and fennel flavour which is a bit like a weak Fisherman's Friend and Vitamin C & Zinc tablets.

Needless to say when I got back to Glasgow, to work and tax returns, I stopped taking any of these..... Next thing I know my cough is worse and it's topped with a sore throat.

So I'm going back to the herbs & I'll see if they help more this time!

It's nearly 8am now so I should really get ready for work. I like that for the Saturday morning school I'm allowed to wear jeans as it makes this process loads easier. I have to remember not just to pick up last night's clothes though as I spilt my first pint of lager down my front in a grand show of grace and poise.


My Marrakech said...

Oh dear on the lager. But I have done such things on occasion, too. Best wishes for feeling better!

Gattina said...

You should stay home and not being so egoistic to want to work. In your generosity you will distribute your microbes to the others instead of keeping them for yourself ! If I see in BBC TV that somebody has spred an epidemy in Scotland, I know it were you !

TopChamp said...

It's not ego Gattina, it's my generosity. Why would I want to keep all these germs to myself - that would be selfish.

Gattina said...

Thanks for your comment (I am caughing already see, your fault !) So you were the anonymous person ! I should ask your neighbours if they get anonymous letters (very bad once) sometimes.
Egypt (the red sea, I can't talk about the rest except the classical cruise on the Nile) is really a wonderful place for holidays. Not expensive and sunshine guaranteed. When you have a little time read the rest if you want, since Christmas I had nothing else in my mind, lol ! Pictures are on both blogs, Keyhole and writer cramps.
BTW there are a lot of brithish tourists there, they and the italians had discovered this place as a diver paradise.

Travis said...

Be good now and take your medicine.

Miss Pink said...

I hope that you get feeling better.

Annelisa said...

Didn't realise you weren't well - and then the alarm on top of that!! No wonder you were in such a rotten mood! Hope the herbs (you are taking them now, aren't you!?! :-) ) are beginning to do their stuff! I've never taken that echinaeda stuff myself, but have heard good things about it... Must admit, if I'd known they do a liquoricey-fennel flavour one, I would be taking one every day anyway! (I think that's why I'm still taking the nicotine gum occassionally - I like the licorice taste! )

Did you ever manage to finish those tax returns? They would be hellish with all the jobs you do (though I'm not actually sure what jobs you do, come to think about it... I know you work in the school part-time, and you have the saturday job and don't you have an evening job some point too? Then playing with the orchestra as well... busy girl!

Well, if you will drink lager - it does tend to cover more area! Hope you remembered to get fresh clothes... you alchey you! :-D

Bond said...

Feel better girl... no passing germs to your students