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Monday, January 15, 2007


Another rubbish short post! Sorry.

New pupil started today (brand new never played a note before). He was very good - and the lesson was fun to teach.

School again tomorrow followed by Brownies.. then more school on Wednesday before office day Thurs, rehearsals Thurs night then a Brownie leader district meeting, office day Friday, NO TEACHING THIS SATURDAY! and teaching on Sunday.

So my plan is to whack out a TT this week and save posting mostly for Saturday.

I'll hopefully have more time to think about it and find some pictures etc. if I do it this way.

Hope everyone is well & I get a chance to catch up with you all soon x


My Marrakech said...

Dear blogger friend,
Hope you make it thru the week successfully. What's a TT?

Bond said...

have a great week

Duncan Heaney said...

There are no rubbish short posts, only rubbish short people.

Travis said...

Busy TC!! Take your time, do all things well, and tell us about it later!!

Annelisa said...

Yahay! Sounds like a busy week... and surely a busy week means not too many celery days? :-D

go girl!

I've come to the conclusion it's not good to post every day anyhow - you never get time to visit people. And also, if you don't ever do anything, what gives you the perspective you write from.

Course I'll miss you, but blogging shouldn't be a constraint to your everyday life... so enjoy your business, I mean busyness, and see you soon!