one step at a time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Not much to say - been working. Had Brownies last night which was nice. Bumped into one of them in the supermarket this evening too which made me hastily check my trolly to see how much alcohol and junk there was in it! Not much so was ok.

Off t't pub now.


Coco said...

Hi TC - You do Brownies, too? I did that for so many years ... I'll probably get back into it once my little guy is a bit older. Lol about the alcohol and stuff. I have to watch that, too, because I invariably run into students at the market. Have a great day.

Travis said...

**spends a few minutes un-confuzzling**

Oh oh oh oh!! I get it now! You didn't have a brownie, you had Brownies!! My sister was a Brownie.

Now I get it and the post makes more sense. I was wondering how you bump into a brownie. Cause, I like cake and a brownie is sorta like cake, and I'd be interested to bump into some cake right about now. . .


Annelisa said...

lol I can just imagine the guilty look in the supermarket - caught out (or 'owned!' as my son would say.)! :-D