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Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm such a lazybones you wouldn't believe it. After moaning at Annelisa for making me feel I should tidy I did as little as possible yesterday.

Today I did the bathroom, then went to do the spare room as it's my teaching room and I have pupils tomorrow evening.... and got as far as picking up the stuff that doesn't live in that room before phoning my boyfriend to moan that 'we need more storage'!

Our phone is situated right by the computer. So I automatically turned the computer on and started blog browsing.

I reached
Burekaboy's blog and stopped there. He had an entry up about ketchup. I love ketchup. I've now had a good rifle through his recipes until my stomach rumblings became so loud that I had to stop. I'm now sat here debating whether to get some lunch or to just save myself for dinner as it's half two already and I did have toast at breakfast time.

Either way I am still not tidying. I have a new pupil starting next week so my house will have to be spotless for the first lesson at least! Much to do... Need someone with a cattlestick to prod me into doing it though.

Anyone know of a link to a blog that electric shocks you or something? They used that I think on dogs to train them.

Update (half five now):
Did the washing, tidied the spare room then remembered I had to do my tax return.

It's supposed to be easy but I can't even bl''dy well log on to the service. This is the second time it's failed and it's getting really close to the deadline now. My password (WHICH I WROTE DOWN WHEN I ENTERED IT) isn't working. It says either my username (copied from sheet) or my password is wrong.


Travis said...

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Now count to 10.


The German Girl said...

LOL... I was going to write the exact same words as travis. Sit back and relax... Ooohmmm. :)

Brian said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ceri. Good luck with the taxes. :)

Listened to your audio clip, very nice.

Bond said...

must relax.... must relax..... =]

Gattina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
burekaboy — said...

LOL - hope you found some ketchupian delight to sate the hunger pangs. thanks for the mention! :)

but...doesn't it feel better that things are now more cleaned up and organized?!

TopChamp said...

Travis, GG, Bond: Thanks but the British tax office is enough to render all relaxation methods futile!

Burekaboy: Yup - not hungry right now... Also not organised. Haven't been organised ever I don't think!

Annelisa said...


(that's a cattle prod :-D Is it working? )

I know how useless telling you to relax would be. So I'll tell you to turn of the computer, get off your backside and go tidy the room where you're going to do the lesson, then come back here and do NOT switch on the blogging... go straight to tax return and start from scratch (or you'll be all night trying to remember that dratted password) - it's worth starting again to get it done!

Now tell me to boggoff back to Sussex, shut up and leave you alone cos you've got better things to do than clear up, fill in tax returns and be organised!!! :-D

Feel better yet? :-)