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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blogging Ban

I had to impose a blogging ban on myself this week to prevent me from browsing when I should have been working out my tax.

It was my first year self-employed so hopefully won't be as big a deal next time round.

Friday night we went to watch Glasgow Warriors play Cardiff Blues in the rugby. It's within walking distance of home and involves Heineken. Glasgow won convincingly, and we stopped for a pint and a play of the quiz machine in the pub (where we won too) on they way home.

And with my tax done, and work for the week finished (til tomorrow), this evening I've relaxed! Had some wine.... watched Waking the Dead (tv prog.)... blog hopped... phoned home.

And I feel good. Happy again.

And for no reason at all other than I feel like I've been off the blog for a while (all of about 2 days) :

The Couch - check in tomorrow for the Monday Matinee.
Words that Flow - Annelisa's been learning to make movies.
My Marakesh - vote for Maryam in the Bloggies!
I'd link others but I need sleep now... I'll work on it soon x


Annelisa said...

Yahay, sounds like a good night out to me! At least you can relax again now, and stop thinking of that darn tax return in the background all the time!

(I was sooooo impressed you managed not to blog at all during your ban!! ha ha! :-D )

Annelisa said...

oh yeah, and thanks for the mention of the vid :-)

Gattina said...

Tax is done, good news, lol ! So maybe you are off blogging, but don't forget your cat is not !

Bond said...

Glad to hear you got your taxes complete...

Gattina said...

I am so sorry of what I had put in your comment yesterday ! Of course I knew that Kandy is gone, it is really unforgivable of me. But yesterday I checked through the blogroll and didn't pay any attention, just read what the post said. I hope I have not offended you too much with this stupid comment ! Maybe once you are over the dead of Kandy you will take another kitten ? But it takes some time, I experienced it 3 times ! Really sorry about that !

TopChamp said...

Don't worry!!