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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recipe for Burekaboy

Take a single person serving of dry pasta.

Add boiling water and put on the stove at simmer (because you can't keep an eye on it and are only cooking it as you have no bread or salad, or anything you could fashion a light lunch with).

Walk away and leave it.

Go for a shower approx 1 hour later. Sniff. Smell something funny.....

I'll see if I can get you a picture - it's a beauty!


burekaboy — said...

... so thaaat's what i smelled wafting over the atlantic ocean to canada. hhehe. :P

LOL, i love it :)) is it a family heirloom recipe? i hope it includes steel wool to scrub the charred pot.

i ended up buying an electric kettle recently that shuts off automatically cause i melted the handle of my stove top one. i can commisserate with you. thanks for the post! very sweet of you ;p

TopChamp said...

I think it would be fair to assume that this recipe has probably also been used by my mother in the past.....

Annelisa said...

Topchamp - that's Gross!! Yuk, I hope you didn't eat it!!!

So, was it in your mum's favourite recipe book? You know, the one she cut all the recipes from magazines and stuck them in a scrapbook? :-D

TopChamp said...

No I didn't eat it... It gets a bit grosser though as I only actually binned it this morning!

meeyauw said... I'm not the only one that cooks like this? Amazing! I thought I was totally unique! Thank you for sharing!!

burekaboy — said...

ewwww....does it move on its own??

[just saw the pic now]