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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10


Today it is snowing again! And I'm very excited because I love the snow even though it will make my journey to work very difficult and a bit dangerous.

The flash on my camera meant I could only get pictures of snow falling this morning (dark still outside) so I've taken the flash off for this third picture. Please do not think that we have some strange sunrise.... we don't have sunrise yet at all!

Yesterday my route to work was a little windy.... not exactly direct. But I travelled through some beautiful mountains all topped with snow. I tried to get a picture for you but my camera batteries were nearly dead. I hope you get some idea from this.

TopChamp's Thursday Thirteen - things I couldn't live without (IN NO ORDER!)

1. Trumpet

2. Friends & Family.

I wouldn't cope well without people to talk to. I don't shut up much during the day and on days when I spend a lot of time travelling I get home and launch into a stream of waffly nonsense until my need to chatter is spent. I obviously like my friends so would hate to be without them!

3. Internet.

I'd also miss all of my blog friends - Over the last few weeks I've been a slack blogger and there's just SO much you've been up to to catch up on that I'm not sure when I'll have time! Given that I've taken teaching on Saturdays for the next two weeks so have no days off until 03 Feb.

4. Curl cream defining stuff or hair straighteners....

Has to go one way or the other.

5. Glasses or contact lenses

6. Music - listening to as well as playing

7. Computer.

I'm actually angling for a laptop but my boyfriend isn't convinced yet. As I'd be buying it on credit and he earns more than me generally I think he has a say in this.

8. Mobile phone.

Need this for work mainly but I'm terrible when I forget it - and find it irritating when I can't contact people because they've forgotten theirs!

9. Spaghetti Bolognaise.

I probably could live without this if there were other foods available. But I love it and would miss it.

10. AA routefinder.

Very often I have to go to play at a gig somewhere I am unfamiliar with. AA routefinder is a website that gives you pretty clear directions to ANYWHERE in the UK. I think it also covers other parts of Europe.

11. Books.

I've read that google is trying to get every book written put onto the internet. If this were the case I think I could live without books if there was internet and I had a laptop because I'd find plenty to read on the web. But what if there was no connection? I'd still need a book then...

12. Shower.

Can you imagine living without a shower?! I don't think it would be nice. For anyone.

13. Piano

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amy said...

Very nice list..and I agree with most of those..Who would have thought we would have said internet 10-15 years ago?

Caylynn said...

Great list! :) I agree with most of the items on your list, especialy 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12!

Happy T13. :)

Bond said...

Great list..

Charlotte said...

Great list.. especially #2, 3, 7, 8 & 12 :) Happy TT

Dixiechick said...

Love the list!

Thanks for sharing the snow pics... I love snow... we seldom get snow here in Tennessee.

Happy TT & mine's up!

Annelisa said...

Good stuff... may I say, you have very peculiar sunrises where you are?

:-D Just kidding - you lucky devil you! Wish we had the snow!

Glad I don't need the curl cream now - sooooo much easier without hair!!

I could live without the AA routefinder though - always get sent the long way round, just because it's the main road, adding some extra few valuable minutes to the journey (considering I'm always late anyhow!!)

Can live without showers - love baths - but they're so convenient... and if it's a good shower, then I would have that any day!

I'm considering whether I've got the energy to think up a list...

Oh, and just because you're not on here all the time (blogging, I mean) you're still around, so that's ok! I'd miss you if you weren't around at all!

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh yeah-you have a lot of my own "essentials" here!

Annelisa said...

oh, and by the way, your second picture looks like a modern-day Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! Though it seems to be flying without the wings :-)

The German Girl said...

A world without books? That would be terrible. I love to curl up with a good book, away from any kind of screen, be it computer or TV. Books rule!!

Tink said...

Great lists! Books and internet are high on muy list too.
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Skittles said...

Beautiful but chilly pictures on top.. great list on bottom! I think I agree with almost all of them. Happy TT and thanks for dropping by. Good luck w/o the verification :)

scooper said...

I feel ya. I need technology, books, and music too.

terra shield said...

I can't survive without most of those things either. Nice list!

Thanks for dropping by :D

Gattina said...

I think even a route finder wouldn't help me, I am just hopeless to find a street ! Laptops are not so expensive anymore I had to buy a new one, because cat Lisa peed on my first new one and ruined it completely ! (sigh) I bought a HP and I am very satisfied with it I payed 1000 € for it and with credit 0 % so 50 € per month. Quite good deal if you have to pay for such an expensive cat pee !
I really didn't get "Tax Day" but I should have, lol ! My friend in Eastbourne always made jokes like this with me and I really got used to it, but she also were in trouble with my humour ! Anyway it's a very good expression and from now on I will also call it "Tax Day" lol !

Turnbaby said...

So many of mine!! Great list. Only one I'd leave off is the 'route finder'. I'm very good at that stuff. LOVED your commnet on mine TT. Fell out laughing!!

Marcia said...

Most of your list would be on mine. . and your GB snow photos at night look just like my U.S. night snow photos. I love your snow photos.

Momma Bee said...

LOL...there are definitely many things on this list that I could not live without as well! Thanks for stopping by and commenting yesterday! Have a great weekend...

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thanks for visiting my TT.

I couldn't do without a laptop. It's my best friend.