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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tonight I'm playing in Calamity Jane as a last minute favour to a friend - he was booked for the gig but was broken into yesterday, then again last night, so doesn't want to leave his flat unattended, or his flatmate in by herself.

I covered for him last night too - and the show is actually great - lots of singalong favourites. I enjoyed it and have today looked Calamity Jane up on the internet... I didn't realise the musical was based on a real person!

Lucky for me I had a quiet week planned to finish DIY... Haven't started the painting again yet today. If you look back through the blog you may notice that it has been some time since the painting began. This is due to the thin texture of paint I bought and the dark coloured walls I'm covering. Think it's gonna take at least 4, maybe 5 coats!

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