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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hi ho, hi ho, off to the Dales I go

This weekend I had to skip teaching as I had recording to do in York. My boyfriend came along for the trip.

We arrived Friday night & had to sleep at a friend's house where I am now too scared to snooze for fear of snoring thanks to her comments on my previous visit. I then recorded with Diversimode from 9.30am til 3.30pm before driving to Leeds to see my sister.

We went out in Headingley that evening, getting home around 2ish... then had to get up early on Sunday morning coz she'd told my parents to come and visit. We had lunch with Mum and Dad which was lovely. The only drawback to this delightful afternoon was the injury I suffered as a result of wearing new shoes to walk to the shops... It's a double blister (quite an exciting new thing for me) - a blister.. under a blister! It is very painful though.

My boyfriend and I then went to my old flatmate's new(ish) house to stay, leaving at 8 this morning to come home & teach, only pausing at Little Chef on our way for a brief respite.

Had a great time but my ex-flatmate's house is so beautiful I have now been inspired to DIY... so spent this afternoon before teaching painting the hallway in our flat.


Duncan Heaney said...

What a full day!

I am sorry to hear about the blister, but surely a qulaified first aider like you should be able to deal with it.

TopChamp said...

You'd think... but the pain is crippling my thinking and all the training seems to have left my head. It's almost as if my foot may fall off - the agony of it!