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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

News from the UK

My news: Last night was Brownie night. They wear me out- so no blogging yesterday, although boyf was away on a work awards ceremony/piss up so I had a browse before collapsing in exhaustion. Today not much has happened really... practised Corelli Sonata and Stanley Voluntary (pieces for gig tomorrow) and had a chance to chat to Mum.

The Couch (link in sidebar) often brings up any news that is worthy of attention. I thought in reply I would bring you some news which I suspect will certainly NOT be of great worth!

The local paper back home is called the Buckingham & Winslow Advertiser.
The local paper up here is the Clydebank Post.

These papers make me laugh A LOT, as the contrast is so stark! Home for me is the leafy green of the Shire.. (Buckinghamshire). It's a favourite county for celebs and other richies due to it's proximity to London. I now live in Glasgow and the differences you will see for yourselves below!

The Shire:
Criticism over council proposal - this story tell us that the overall county council is trying to remove the smaller district councils.
Star Drops in as Art Room Opens - in this article an actor visits a primary school.
MP to speak at University - The local MP is visiting the Uni. (You'd think that might happen frequently enough not to be newsworthy... This MP sent me a letter asking me to vote for him in the general election. I was not old enough to vote... and since the elections take place every four years or so, pointing out I was going to miss out when all my friends were able to vote was prodding at a rather sore spot! By the time I was able to vote I was settled in up North, but I would have enjoyed picking someone else. It would have been a wasted gesture though as the Conservatives always win in Buckinghamshire.)
Unique Pottery Firm to Close - did you guess the content? Yup - the pottery place is closing.

West Glasgow:
BRING IT ON BANKIES - A boxer is back home to fight.
I SPENT STOLEN £80K ON BOOZE AND GRUB - cashier at law firm caught stealing out of petty cash.
DOUBLE KILLER ON CAMPUS - This one's actually quite scary. There's a guy studying at the local college who has stabbed two men in the area to death. According to the paper (which I'm sure is hugely reliable) there are relatives of the victim also studying there.
BOOZED-UP THUG PULLED ‘SHOTGUN’ ON CABBIE - 'shotgun' is written in commas as it was a fake gun. The chap seems to have beaten up a cabbie as he refused him a lift. He was drunk.

Are you understanding now why I moved up here?!?!


Bond said...

Thanks for the news from back home and I corrected my error - you are now identified as living in Scotland... oops!

Turnbaby said...

That is a hoot. Booze and grub LOL