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Monday, November 13, 2006

Fun & Games!

Last night I was invited to my friend's house for a few drinks - I had a great time but in my wisdom (and drunkenness) refused the offer of a sandwich... so woke up on and off all night just feeling sick.... And it was an office day for me today too.

lastminutelyn has been playing this game (see comment at end if you're she)... & I like it! There is a minor drawback though in that I used my boyfriend's camera (he's out at work - I'm about to start working again as I have a pupil coming shortly) - and I can't now get the camera to work at all.... Gonna be in trouble later!! I only managed to get two pictures taken before it broke, so I'll have to tell you about the last item instead.

On gnightgirl's site is a challenge:


Would you all be willing to slow down for just one second, and find one or two material items in your house that bring you joy/memories/sentiment?Will you photograph them and put them on your blog, or write about them, if you don't have a camera?If you don't have a blog, send me a photo, and I'll post it, with your blessing.Those that play, let me know, and I will link to you here.It's not that I want to place excess value on material items. It's just nice to slow down and acknowledge those things that put a smile on our face. We need not to rush by them.
Spread the word: Game On.

As you can see - this is my piano... My Aunty Betty (not a real aunt - family friend) gave me some cash to buy this and it's been the best gift I've had - It's beautiful and useful. When she heard what I'd spent the money on, she asked if I'd record some music for her. It took me a while as I was rusty and didn't want to sound too bad! I sent the cassette. The next day she died. My mum went to her house and found the envelope opened but the tape unplayed. She knew that I had sent it at least.

This is my hallway.... I found it tricky to find items when the best thing we've ever done is buy a flat.... And as I've previously mentioned- this is coat five of white paint. Do you think it needs another? Do you think it's a bit frighteningly white?

My last item is a bit cheesy - but I like it all the same: it's a Welsh lovespoon in the shape of a treble clef with a couple of hearts at the bottom. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Welsh lovespoon check the link. It was given to me by my boyfriend's gran when we moved in together.

Boyf has now fixed the camera:

lastminutelyn: I think I found a game on your website yesterday which I played today, but when I've come back to visit there's no sign of it. It could be that I'm losing the plot, or that I'd found an old link. Either way you get a mention on my entry!

Also - I see that you have a pink razr phone on your wishlist. I've not had much luck with mine: The first was stolen in New York (they ran up £60 in charges before I could stop it) and the second has broken. So I'm back to Nokia again.


The Crusty Crone said...

'Hey' TopChamp... Just stopping by to check out your blog and to say 'thanks' for the comment you left on mine. (I hope you haven't had to move too often after getting that piano. Those stairs look steep!)
Crusty Crone

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping at my blog! I love the idea of photographing two things and will do that as soon as I get back to Marrakesh!

That is such, such a sweet story about the piano. I am sure she was so proud when she read the letter.

Bond said...

TC - thanks for siting on THE COUCH Monday.

Check out Tuesday's post for an explanation to your question.

See you soon...

Nice items you selected...

LastminuteLyn said...

Hey TopChamp thanks for playing. Actually the idea belongs to goodnight gal at
I'll let her know you played. The post with mine is at
as you post things get moved down so it doesn't show anymore ( I post a lot)
I was thinking the same thing about the piano. Really glad I don't have to move it up and down those stairs.

Turnbaby said...

TC--love your blog and linked you up at

I LOVE this game idea. Will put it up soon as it is a great idea.

The picture of the piano and the story with really touched me.

I think the white is rather brilliant. You need to SEE on those stairs.

Dixiechick said...

Hey Topchamp... thanks for stopping by.

I love the idea of the photographing two things. I would love to do that... sounds like fun.
I will try and put up on Friday...tomorrow is Thursday Thirteen... wooooooo

That is one beautiful piano. My daughter, who is 11 and in the 6th grade, has decided that she wants to be in the band... woooo hoooo... so she is learning to play saxaphone. Piano lessons are next... woooo hooo... the child is very talented musically. Don't know where she gets it, but oh well....

I've linked you to my blog, ya mind?

TopChamp said...

Loads of comments! I'm excited.

To everyone: Thank you & I'll be round to thank you personally as soon as.