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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 1

Thirteen Things about Bad Jokes & Oven Chips

13 smells - not sure what insight this will give you other than that I have smelt all of these things......

1. Fresh pears - it's a clean smell. I like that. I also just so happen to be eating a pear as I write this.

2. Farts - NOT a clean smell. I'm not so keen on this one.

3. New cars - I don't like this smell but my boyfriend does. This came up in conversation the other day when I spotted a 'new car smell' air freshener tree at the petrol station.

4. Cut grass - Don't get to smell this first hand as often as I should. Bad lawncutter! Good veg grower.

5. Wine - This smell I like unless I've been drinking too much of it the night before.. in which case it's a smell I really hate!

6. Hot Chocolate - YUM!

7. Coffee - I think I like the smell better than the taste... not that the taste isn't lovely too.

8. Biscuits - Now I'm just thinking about food that goes with coffee! Freshly baked biscuits smell is pretty special, though.

9. Feet - OK, I realise feet themselves don't necessarily smell, but I live with a chap who works outdoors on his feet all day.... It's hard to keep them sweet!

10. Newly washed sheets - Never get a better night's sleep than the day I change the bedding.... Perhaps I should do that more often too.

11. Fermenting yeast - It's the smell of Glasgow! May also contribute to the alcoholic tendencies of the Scots(?)

12. Mortons Rolls - I smell these fresh baked rolls on my way home from Brownies every Tuesday... and get home itching for bread.

13. Brass - Not an everyday smell for most people but it's a side effect of trumpet playing (particularly Natural Trumpet) that your hands stink of brass.

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suki said...

Some good, some bad, and some very ugly. ;) Happy Thursday. Funny list.

maggie said...

What a smelly list. LOL

Happy TT

Silver said...

Hehe, very creative list! Happy TT:)

Sweet Kitty said...

Funny list!
Happy TT!

Like to visit mine?

Greetings from Germany,

Barb said...

Yes to the freshly laundered sheets!

Ghost said...

New mown grass, coffee in the morning, and fresh sheets. Lovely!

Have a Happy!

Turnbaby said...

Love the list sugar--very nice.

I am so with you on the coffee--it smells so good but taste is not all that. I am a tea girl myself

Fresh sheets---ahhhhhhh--

Warm rolls ---ahhhhhh

Newly mown grass--I live in central Kentucky in the US and we get that new hay smell a lot--awesome

Pears---bosc pears--yum

My TT is up at


Bond said...

Great List TC...

Slackermommy said...

Oooh, I love the smell of a new car. What a fun list.