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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eh? Could you repeat that please?

(This is my cat - she has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. it's a bit sad but she's very happy just now catching plenty of sleepy about to die/hibernate mice and bringing them in DAILY to play with me and my boyfriend. Of course we really appreciate this - what better game is there than hunt the live mouse?)

Today I am feeling sorry for myself. My ears have been blocked up for 5 days now with no sign of improvement, and my blistered foot is also sore...

So I decided today to do the rest of the painting as it's gonna take about 400 coats to cover up the grey colour that was on the hall walls when we moved into this flat (some years ago!).

Only it's a bit dull, so I have blog-hopped and chatted on messenger to my little brother instead for the past half hour or so.

I have noticed there is quite a variety of reasons people seem to blog - some use blogspot as an advertising tool, some to broadcast a message (political/religious) to unsuspecting browsers - which I find dull and skip past very quickly, and others to keep a diary/chat about nonsense. These are my favourite. I have been enjoying reading about other people's lives, and seeing the variety of templates etc that are out there.

So - to other just for fun bloggers - Nice work!!

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