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Friday, November 17, 2006

Church - not for me I'm afraid!

This might rile some of you Christians... but I'm gonna say it anyway. Apologies in advance if any offence is caused.

CHURCH IS SOOOO DULL! I did a gig tonight in a church for my friend who is the organist at Glenburn Parish Church (church of scotland). We were told to arrive for half 7, so diligent muso's that we are we were early to prepare.

We did not play until 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after we played we had to sit for another hour and a quarter before playing again (as the folks left).

There was a service (long one) followed by tea and sarnies... then a 'social' (another service to the non-churchgoers).

If ever I needed a reminder of why I abandoned my Church Of England primary school upbringing this was it!


Turnbaby said...

I have some problems with the "big business' that organized religion has become here. So many'churches' are really just 'entertainment outlets' and self aggrandizing vehicles. So sad really.

Bond said...

I understand you frustration... have a great weekend!

TopChamp said...

Bond: Sitting listening to your tunes just now as I'm due for a rehearsal in 45 mins that I don't really want to go to.....I like Hot Tuna.

Turnbaby: I've never been to any church stuff that was as bad as this one in my life. Finger's crossed it'll be the first & last.