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Monday, November 20, 2006

Very much a Monday

Today I went into my office job. They're short staffed. It was terrible - I hated it. I had agreed to go in again tomorrow, so I suppose I'll need to.

I plan to set up a reminder though on the calendar on my computer so I do not agree to do o/t again. Don't really know why I agreed this time as I don't need the money particularly - have started new jobs left right and centre. Still - it'll be handy for Christmas I suppose.

Daft. (me that is)


Started off a couple of new piano pupils today. They're great - picked it up quickly and seem keen.

Have just made a cake... it's a bit weird. Couldn't decide whether to do choc chip or raisins so put both in... Would have been better just to have made a decision on one or the other!! (thinking now choc chip) Also didn't have enough sugar so used some honey.. which also tastes a bit odd.

Boyfriend had a stupid alarm call which means he has to go to work even though it's night time...

Skint (as always) and the oil light's come on on the car, my friend's coming to collect the money I owe her for a gig she did for me, and I have to find funds to get to Edinburgh.

Skintness has positives too: We don't want to buy any food if poss til pay day so I've had to improvise (see cake above) - but dinner was (if I do say so myself) magnificent! We had tagliatelle with leeks, celery, tomato and parsnip. It may not sound like the most usual combination of ingredients but I love all of them so it was perfect for me!


Dixiechick said...

I agree, the cake would have been better with just chocolate chips...LOL

Turnbaby said...

Oh my --interesting cake there LOL

Dinner sounded FAB though! Recipe?

Bond said...

ll that matters when you are cooking for yourself is- do you like the ingrediants... I love to just go nto the cubboard and pantry and refrigerator and see what i have and then formulate a plan, and cook.

Been behind on my rounds, but finally got back here.

Like your site.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Ummm...was wondering if there was anyway I could score a dinner invitation to your house:-) Yum!

Annelisa said...

:-D Celery 2 days running?

The cake looks delicious to me (mind you, it's 2am and I've got the munchies coming on! :-))