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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grr... English scum!

Hello. Today is Halloween!! So we've had a party (just a little one) with pizza and red wine (coz it looks like blood) and beer from green cans (coz that's halloweeny too).....

We picked a new pizza place - that does pizza with curry toppings. Sounded interesting and indeed it was. I had pardesi pizza, my boyfriend had Bombay express pizza, and my friends had goanese style pizza and Turkish delight (which is just a donner with cheese on a pizza base).

We ate and drank these delicacies whilst watching Ghostbusters 1 on DVD - how could you imagine a better evening?!

My pumpkin is currently sat on windowsill twinkling out at the neighbours.

Now: I have been storing up festering feelings of resentment towards the English for the past few days due to the debates which have been broadcast throughout TV and radio since we moved the hour back to correct 'daylight saving' time. These debates have mainly been rants from English scientists who have evidently not travelled north of their border after September or they would know better than to voice such idiotic opinions. The basic premise is that they believe that we should live permanently on daylight saving time- and do away with normal time (i.e. leave the clocks forward).

Currently I go to work in daylight - we get daylight at around 7.30 or 8am. I leave work at 5pm (occasionally) by which time it is DARK. If the English scientists got their way I would be going to work in darkness, and coming home... STILL in darkness.

The main argument for moving the clocks back is that kids up here would have to walk to school in the dark if the hour were left forward - which is patently dangerous.

What I don't understand is why they don't argue just to keep the hour back where it is now... What is the reason for putting it forward in the summer?

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