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Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday (wish it was Sunday)

Today I woke up with a hangover... I know it's bad to 'binge drink' so I avoided that trap... and just stayed out later.

Came home hungry so tried to fry an egg (often do this when under the influence). I don't know why my boyfriend doesn't stop me as it must be dangerous. Actually I do know why as I asked him when he phoned from work earlier. Apparently it doesn't seem stupid to him when he's drunk too and wants a sandwich.

I mustered up the enthusiasm to enter the kitchen to get a pint of water and some painkillers this morning to find raw egg all over the floor.

It's just not nice!

After dropping my boyfriend off this morning I went to the local music shop to get a beginner piano book as I've started two kids but only had one book last week. Unfortunately the shop is closed on Mondays - which is patently ridiculous for a shop - so I'm going to have to go to the city centre to get it. Which is irritating as I've already been to the city centre this morning taking the cat to the vets.

Kandi had to go to the vets this morning for blood tests etc. Still can't quite believe how much it all costs! Still - she doesn't have to go back now for another 6 months. The lump doesn't seem to have got any bigger which is a good sign that she'll be OK for a while.

For Burekaboy who says:

lemon squares & my first cookbook
"i sometimes wonder if people remember what their first cookbook was. i know almost everyone either bought or was given one at some point in his/her life. i also wonder if it was even kept, perhaps tucked away somewhere to be dusted off at some point in the future or sitting on the shelf with the rest of the cookbooks."

My first cookery book was the Student Grub book - unsurprisingly bought by my Mum when I left for music college. Probably didn't use it for a year or so as I worked waitressing so got free food for about six months of my 1st year but since then it's been well thumbed. Sorry about the glare. They were sensible enought to issue this book with a plastic wipe clean cover!

Finally - thanks to Annelisa who calculated my payrise for me. At a whopping £1.22 per MONTH!

(wondered what they'd do with a Brit)
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burekaboy — said...

hey there topchamp -- greetings from canada! thanks for stopping by and linking me! even more thanks however for posting that picture of your first cook(ery)book. that was an unexpected surprise :-P

uggh, i can commiserate with you about the raw egg on the floor. a mess like no other: wet, slimy and when dry, a pain and a half to clean up. hope the next morning "fog" cleared up!

i can also sympathize with the cost of those vet bills. you do manage, however, to find the money somehow. i hope kandi's visit goes well. my other pet passed away from a tumor and it was very difficult. sounds like she is doing well so far. :)

continued success with your blog!

Bond said...

Hey there.. don't you hate when you have to retrace your steps to do something ... gosh that makes me crazy! But I do it all the time..

raw egg on the floor...yucky

Coco said...

*enters humming ... just another Manic Monday ...*
Hi, Topchamp. I'm Coco, from eastern Canada. Friend of Bond's. Musician, too. Was that Baroque trumpet I heard on your profile? Lovely. Nice digs here. Hope it's ok if I pop by to visit sometimes.

maryam in marrakesh said...

So happy to hear thatkandi's visit went well and her little lump is not any bigger. Now listen, on this drinking thing, the key is to fix something tasty before you go out. Okay, who am I fooling...that's far too organized.

TopChamp said...

Hello - thanks for visiting!

Egg all cleared up and hangover gone... so all is well!

I'm not known for my organisational skills it's fair to say.... Something to work on.

Wish I could do my own word verification without typos...

Annelisa said...

Bacon's the answer! If you drop it on the floor, you just pick it up and pick of the dust bunnies and cat hair, then stick it back on the bread - no mess! :-D

My first ever cookbook is a 'be-ro' book - full of tasty cakes (as I said before, at early stages, all I cooked was cauliflower cheese - didn't need a cookbook! :-)