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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OK - well you did ask.....

Thank you all for your comments - I was very excited to see you'd all been here! (easily pleased?)

Please see below the recipe for leeky celery parsnip pasta. My tip would be to leave out the parsnips as they'd have been nicer on their own!! (A tip for me might be - learn to organise your finances.)

Cut parsnips and put them on a tray in the oven at 180 degrees with a little brown sugar. Leave in the oven for a half hour trumpet lesson plus a little extra 'forgetful' time.

Chop up the leeks (I did horizontal chops)
Chop up the celery (- not normally a huge celery fan which is prob why it's still in the fridge in the week before pay day but am pleased to say it was good in this)
Chop up some garlic
Fry them in oil if you have it.. if not it seems water works!!
Chuck in your best tin of 'value' tomatoes with any herbs you have...think I also put in some chilli flakes.

Then remember you've started parsnips(whoops), so take them out of the oven and chop them up and chuck them in.

Then cook your pasta, and mix it all together.

Yum.... (?)

Brownie night tonight - and it was our most successful one yet this year.

Our numbers have almost trebled this year, and we have no new leaders yet so it's all been a bit 'by the skin of the teeth' so far but tonight it seems the formula is working. We may just have cracked it!

We kept things simple and stuck to doing the last of the seasons badge. So far the girls have learnt about hibernating animals, made posters of fireworks/stars and done leaf rubbings.

This week we did the final bit which was learning about seasonal veg and fruit then cooking with them. The kids are only 7 yrs old, so we made fruit salad with apples and pears (and some non-seasonal... non-UK even fruits).

Cutting the fruit up (with blunt knives after we'd cut it up into bigger bits for them) and adding the juice took a fair while, and we then let them eat it. Some kids asked to take it home - which was also fine!

After that we just played some games. Easy peasy... and a winner.


Annelisa said...

I'm going to try your soup - sounds interesting :-)

I looked at my stats just now - seems several people came from your site, so it did some good! (just thought I'd let you know, cos it was really nice of you to put it in!) And thanks for your donation - I hadn't seen that when I came on here before- that was real kind of you too!

My daughter's in the brownies - I think she'd enjoy an evening like this one!

Take care, and C U soon!

TopChamp said...

I'm glad... I'm just wanting to see if you really shave your head and trying to head you to hit your target in winter - so it really feels like a sacrifice...

Although living all the way down there it won't be quite as cold.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Okay, your parsnip pasta recipe sounds delish. I will have to try that, and I see that the secret ingredient was brown sugar. Aha! I also have a simple Moroccan recipe on my blog today - come by and take a look. It is really scrumptious, I promise.

Turnbaby said...

Yummy--I am gonna try this as an antidote to all the turkey and Thanksgiving foods we are about to be swamped with here.

Dixiechick said...

Oh I love brownies....will have to try a brownie evening here with a group of my daughter's friends.. sound fun Thank you!

TopChamp said...

You're all nuts... Buy some nice food that you know you like and eat that instead!! (it actually was nice, I'm just missing meat...)

Annelisa: i'm having celery again today. I did this one month when all we had left was cabbage... We had cabbage boiled, stirfried, steamed... And I avoided cabbage for months afterwards... can see it heading that way with the celery!! Today I've made it spicy and added the remaining 2 mushrooms and a tomato. It's just not gonna satisfy the craving though.

Anonymous said...

Loooveee brownies!!!!

Thanks for visiting me too...

No, I eat pretty much anything else but meat. I'm easy, but picky when it comes to things with meat. For example, I can't eat anything that has touched or been cooked next to meat...It's just a thing, I guess.

Annelisa said...

God, that sounds like student-days cooking! There was a time when I bought this massive cauliflower, and cooked cauliflower cheese every day for a week!

10p a tin tomatoes with a few onions and garlic go a lot further (often with a bit of chilli and some olives chucked in to fill it out)...

Not so sure I could eat celery that often - I usually chop it up small in salads... not my favourite veg (though better than it used to be :-)) - you'll lose loads of weight if you keep eating it though... you know what they say about it being more calories to eat than there is in it an' all!

And thinking cabbage - one of my favourite meals with this was in Scotland - steamed cabbage with bacon - surprisingly tasty!